Investigate together to solve the crime!

Are you a crime series fan? Perfect! Your teams will become members of the judicial police for an evening. Become the actors of your own series, and lead an investigation made to measure for your colleagues...

A murder was committed a few hours before your arrival... But who is the murderer? The police pressure is mounting! To solve the mystery, the "police teams" will have to go through a series of tests revealing precious clues for the investigation. A thrilling adventure linked to the walls and the history of the Domaine des Ormes. Your colleagues will have to be meticulous in their investigation to make progress!

Observation, listening, research, communication skills... All your senses will be called upon. Be critical and analytical for this activity, and live together a thrilling adventure in the heart of the domain. Your employees will experience the intrigue intensely, for a real bonding, and sensational team building!


Activity carried out with an external service provider.