Gift vouchers

How long is a gift voucher valid for?

Our gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The validity date is specified on the gift voucher.

Is it possible to extend the validity of a gift voucher?

Yes, you can extend the validity of your gift voucher for 6 months, for an additional 25€. The postponement must be made before the original expiry date of the gift voucher.

Can we postpone the validity date of a gift voucher a second time?

No, the validity of a gift voucher can only be extended once.

I received a gift voucher starting with IND or ORMES, I can't book my stay on the internet.

If the code of your gift voucher begins with IND or ORMES, please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00
Please; your reservation will only be possible by phone. If you have a problem booking your stay online, whatever your gift voucher, we invite you to contact us by phone at 02 99 73 73 53 00.

Is it possible to buy a gift voucher for a specific type of cabin?

A gift voucher for two people is valid for all the cabins for two people, in the trees and on the water (ladders cabins, zip wire cabins, duo cabins). It is then the beneficiary of the gift voucher who will choose the cabin he wants at the time of his reservation.

Can we come to a family cabin with our children with a gift voucher for two people?

Yes, you can come to more than two people by paying the supplement. Please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00 if you wish to book under these conditions.

I have received a cabin gift voucher, can I book another accommodation instead of a cabin? 

Yes, it is possible. A supplement may be required depending on the accommodation chosen. Please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00 if you wish to book under these conditions.

I received a Gourmet gift voucher with dinners at the restaurant. Which restaurant is it?

This is the restaurant Le Club-house, with some exceptions (when this restaurant is closed, this restaurant is privatised by a group...).


Situation about coronavirus COVID-19

With regard to the current situation, all our team is mobilized.

Further to the decrees of the French Ministry of Heath dated 14 and 15 March 2020, we inform you of the closing of our site at least until the 15th of April, 2020, Les Ormes Domaine and Resort being an outdoor business.

Given this exceptional situation, we are more flexible on our general terms and conditions and exceptionally accept to postpone stays commencing between the 20th of March and the 15th of April...

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