My stay at Les Ormes

Accommodation schedules

Mobil-homes, nature lodges, camping'huts, sweet'homes, taos, apartments, gites and dachas :

Arrival time: from 5pm
Departure time: before 10am

Camping pitches: 

Arrival time: from 1pm
Departure time: before 12pm

Hotel rooms: 

Arrival time: from 5pm
Departure time: before 12pm

Tree-houses, raft-houses, barrels, bubbles and Ca'hutte: 

Arrival time: you will receive an email inviting you to choose your arrival time in our schedule
Departure time: before 11am

These times are available for the accommodation of Les Ormes. If you have booked your stay with a tour operator, we invite you to refer to the schedules provided to you.

Are animals allowed?

Pets are allowed on the Domaine and in most of our accommodations -except for the unusual accommodations and some rental accommodation (see the description). They must be tattooed, vaccinated and kept on a lead. For the well-being of all, we thank you for picking up their droppings.

Is it possible to have barbecues?

Gas and charcoal barbecues are allowed but we ask you to use them with care and to remain vigilant. Electric barbecues are not allowed. Of course, restrictions may be put in place in case of drought.

For obvious safety reasons, barbecues are not permitted in the vicinity of the cabins.

How do I connect to the Wifi?

Wi-Fi access is included in all accommodation (except some gîtes and some cabins). 
Wifi is also available free of charge in our services (restaurants, bars and receptions). Connect to the "Domaine des Ormes" Wifi network.

Can electric cars be recharged on site?

Yes, charging points for electric cars are available on site.

Can I invite outsiders to the site?

No. It is not possible to invite outsiders to the site.

Gift vouchers

How long is a gift voucher valid for?

Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The validity date is specified on the gift voucher.

Is it possible to extend the validity of a gift voucher?

Yes, you can extend the validity of your gift voucher for 6 months, for an additional 30€. The postponement must be made before the original expiry date of the gift voucher.

Can we postpone the validity date of a gift voucher a second time?

No, the validity of a gift voucher can only be extended once.

I received a gift voucher starting with IND or ORMES, I can't book my stay on the internet.

If the code of your gift voucher begins with IND or ORMES, please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00, your reservation will only be possible by phone.

If you have a problem booking your stay online, whatever your gift voucher, we invite you to contact us by phone at 02 99 73 73 53 00.

Is it possible to buy a gift voucher for a specific type of cabin?

A gift voucher for two people is valid for all the cabins for two people, in the trees and on the water (ladders cabins, zip wire cabins, duo cabins). It is then the beneficiary of the gift voucher who will choose the cabin he wants at the time of his reservation.

Can we come to a family cabin with our children with a gift voucher for two people?

Yes, you can come to more than two people by paying the supplement. Please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00 if you wish to book under these conditions.

I have received a cabin gift voucher, can I book another accommodation instead of a cabin? 

Yes, it is possible. A supplement may be required depending on the accommodation chosen. Please contact us by phone on 02 99 73 53 00 if you wish to book under these conditions.

I received a Gourmet gift voucher with dinners at the restaurant. Which restaurant is it?

This is the restaurant Le Club-house, with some exceptions (when this restaurant is closed, this restaurant is privatised by a group...).

My stay in a cabin

What should I bring for my night in the hut?

It is essential to bring a charged mobile phone. On site, sheets and duvets are provided, but you can bring a sleeping bag or an extra blanket if you wish.

For the huts accessible with a harness, bring closed shoes and comfortable clothing.

Are the cabins equipped with water and electricity?

There is no running water in the cabins. During your stay, you have free access to the campsite's sanitary facilities and bottles of water are provided on arrival.

Only the following cabins have extra electricity, i.e. one light bulb per room and sockets for recharging mobile phones only: Demi-Lune, Pigeonnier, Vignes , Chouchen, Chênes, Tribu, Trouspinette, Contre-Courant and NaturéO.

Can I come back down from the hut once I've reached the top?

Of course, the initiation briefing allows you to gain autonomy so that you can navigate freely between your accommodation and the ground.

How do we get the luggage up?

The tree houses (except Birdy and Vallée) are equipped with a rope and pulley system descending from the terrace, on which you can hang your bags and suitcases to hoist them onto your terrace. Our little advice: don't pack your bags too heavy!

Can I stay in a ladder hut or zip line when I am pregnant?

Access to these cabins is strictly forbidden to pregnant women. Even with the agreement of your gynaecologist, we cannot make an exception and make you take this risk.

It is important to know that the harness is placed on the lower abdomen, on which it will rest during the practice of the course or the ascent of the ladder and that the emotion is at its peak and is likely to generate stress for some people.

This does not mean that your stay in Les Ormes is impossible. You can choose from all our other accommodations: tree houses accessible by stairs (family cabins), water cabins, camping'hut, cottage'hut, hotel... 

Can I bring my pet into the tree house?

Animals are strictly forbidden in the hut. Even if your pet is clean and well-behaved, we are never safe from any risk that could lead to deterioration of the wood (by claws or urine) which would make the accommodation unfit for rent after your visit. 

If my child is younger than the minimum age for the huts, can he/she still come?

The minimum age is determined by the structure and configuration of the hut. We cannot allow children under 16 years old in the Tyrolean hut, under 12 years old in the ladder hut, under 6 years old in the duo hut on the water and under 2 years old in the family hut in the trees and on the water.

We are staying in a tree house, can we go to the pool?

Of course, whatever your accommodation during your stay at Les Ormes, you have free access to all the Domaine's swimming pools (except when they are closed).

Can I bring my own cold picnic for my stay in a cabin? 

Yes, of course. You can bring your own picnic, choose one of our packed lunches (to be booked in advance) or choose to dine in one of the Domaine's restaurants. It's up to you!

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