Riding lessons

At the pony club:

Lessons in the covered schooling yards, group games and outings will allow your child to evolve in this comprehensive discipline, in a totally secure and friendly environment.

At the Riding School:

For leisure, from progressing up the gallop stages to competitions, each to his or her own objective!

The disciplines taught:

From Gallop 2, the rider can choose to take part in official competitions in the discipline of his or her choice.

- CCE Concours Complet d’Equitation (a 3-day horse riding event):

This event consists in the following 3 tests:
Dressage confirms the correct use of the competitor’s aids and the quality of the dressage of the ponies / horses.

Cross country tests the horse and rider partnership and the mastery of imposed speed in outdoor horse riding.
Jumping reveals the aptitude to move successively around the course, to have the right attitude and the accurate technical movements.

- CSO Concours de Saut d’Obstacles (show-jumping competition)

Jumping is about being able to move successively around the course without any faults. These tests are to show the directness, power, skill, speed and respect of the jump of the pony / horse. For the competitor these tests show the quality of his or her riding.

- Pony games:

These are games played in lines and in relays. A team game in which everyone evolves individually, the pony games are a way to prepare the learning of all the riding techniques in a more playful manner.

- Endurance:

Endurance is the sporty side of horse riding which is an association of both the pleasure of taking part in competitions and the demonstration of extensive knowledge about the horse. It is about completing a given distance, on different types of ground, whilst maintaining one’s horse in the right condition.

Lessons Tariffs

Residential tariff (Les Ormes)

  • 1 hour - 12 years old 22 €
  • 1 hour + 12 years old 25 €
  • 3 hours - 12 years old 55 €
  • 3 hours + 12 years old 66.50 €
  • 5 hours - 12 years old 85 €
  • 5 hours + 12 years old 94 €

Non residential tariff

  • 1 hour - 12 years old 24 €
  • 1 hour + 12 years old 28 €
  • 3 hours - 12 years old 60.50 €
  • 3 hours + 12 years old 72€
  • 5 hours - 12 years old 88 €
  • 5 hours + 12 years old 105 €