Human values

Openmindedness, enthusiasm, skills and teamwork are the essential values for the success of any business, and to ours in particular.

We try to provide our teams with the opportunity to play an active role in the company to help it progress.  In a fast-moving world acquiring new skills helps to promote internal mobility and to increase confidence at work. Consequently, we have put an emphasis on further education and training.

We also have partnerships with local companies. Serving local products in our restaurants, giving priority to local suppliers for our different services.

To give a concrete example: In November 2015 we collected 8 tonnes of apples from the site and pressed the fruit to make 6,000 litres of juice with and for the school children from the nearby village of Epiniac.

Environmental values

The environment is the raw material of our business and an additional reason to feel concerned about sustainable development.

Each day we question our habits by recycling our waste in the best possible way, by using environmentally-friendly products and by choosing local distribution channels.

Here are a few concrete examples:

  • Ionising the swimming pool water to reduce chlorine consumption
  • Making energy-saving lamps the norm
  • Treating waste water via lagoons using plant filtration
  • Sorting our waste
  • Growing plants which do not require much water 
  • Setting up nesting boxes for tits, the first predator for processionary caterpillars
  • Beekeeping - we currently have 8 bee hives
  • Developing our on-site orchards
  • Using electric buggies, battery-operated chain saws, electric lawnmowers ...

Energy transition is the key subject we are working on ... with passion.