Strength in numbers!

A company Olympics is a purely team-building activity that is fun and brings your employees together in a good mood! The focus of this exercise is on team spirit, mutual aid and cooperation. If there's strength in numbers, then make that strength a victory!

During these Olympiads with their many activities, you will form teams to "compete" against each other in various events combining speed, precision, strength and above all, team spirit! Victory will depend on the dynamism and motivation of your employees! 

Customise your Olympics

Personalise the team building and choose the events that the teams will have to face. Between speed contest on the climbing wall, zip line relay, tug-of-war, archery, or even pedal boat relay race... Your employees will experience a very sporty day, but above all exciting!

You don't have to be a great sportsman to enjoy the activities on offer and help strengthen team cohesion. They are accessible and adaptable to all. Each of your employees will be able to, and should, use their individual skills to take a step towards victory. 

Unite together, find an efficient organisation, and rise to the challenge thanks to your teamwork!

Provide gifts for the winning team.