Because the ridiculous does not kill?

What if you put on your helmets and wetsuits together? With the water ski cableway, everyone has their own level of sensations, but I promise, everyone will have the same look! Whether it's for the look or for the activity, the water ski cableway will make everyone agree for guaranteed laughter. 

Combine sport and sensation

Whether you're comfortable on a board or not, whether you're a beginner or an expert, everyone will find satisfaction with this activity. Wakeboarding or water-skiing, there's something for everyone. Test yourself and your colleagues: perseverance, patience and tenacity will be the secret to success in this sport!

The session will be adapted according to the level of the participants, and even the springboard will be allowed, for even more sensations!

What about team spirit?

Your employees will encourage each other to excel!  Advice, support and applause are generally the keys to a great performance. An activity to be done alone, which nevertheless requires a great team spirit!

Perform together to excel!