The 18-hole golf course

An exceptional natural environment and a "par 72" course adapted to all levels.

An emblematic view of the chateau: Les Ormes golf course is certainly one of the most renowned courses in Western France.

The course

  • Hole n°1


    Par 5 – Hcp 5
    White : 518m / Yellow : 488m / Blue: 463m / Red: 415m
    Tee shot over water. Left half of fairway is best at all times. Hidden bunkers protect the right half of a generous green.

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  • Hole n°2

    Le bord des bondes

    Par 3 – Hcp 13
    White: 158m / Yellow: 158m / Blue: 143m / Red: 143m
    Trees and a lateral water hazard on the left. A slightly raised green. A bunker on the right runs the whole length of the green.

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  • Hole n°3

    Le retour des Evêques

    Par 5 – Hcp 3
    White: 469m / Yellow : 437m / Blue: 417m / Red: 385m
    Lateral water hazard on the left, trees on the right. Second shot is over water to a rising fairway. Bunkers to left and right of the three-tier green.

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  • Hole n°4

    Le bocage

    Par 4 – Hcp 1
    White: 321m / Yellow: 321m / Blue: 288m / Red: 288m
    Not a log hole but the stroke index is based on difficulty. Fairly generous green which slopes front to back.

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  • Hole n°5

    Le clos Louis

    Par 4 – Hcp 17
    White: 262m / Yellow: 244m / Blue : 234m / Red: 234m
    First shot to middle of the fairway, second to a two-tier green.

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  • Hole n°6

    Le moulin à vent

    Par 4 – Hcp 11
    White: 411m / Yellow: 380m / Blue: 349m / Red: 317m
    Tee shot must hit fairway out of bound around the green.

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  • Hole n°7

    La haute porte

    Par 5 – Hcp 9
    White: 521m / Yellow: 476m / Blue: 437m / Red: 421m
    Left half of fairway at all times green slopes away.

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  • Hole n°8

    Les défouéries

    Par 3 – Hcp 15
    White: 152m / Yellow: 152m / Blue: 137m / Red: 137m
    Bunkers front, left and behind. Stroke index 15 but plays like a stroke 5!

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  • Hole n°9

    La pommeraie

    Par 4 – Hcp 7
    White: 342m / Yellow: 319m / Blue: 294m / Red: 283m
    A plantation on the left, and to the right, a brook runs the length of the fairway to a pond on the right of a big green surrounded by bunkers and more water at the back.

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  • Hole n°10

    L’allée royale

    Par 4 – Hcp 4
    White: 296m / Yellow : 296m / Blue: 271m / Red: 252m
    Trouble left and right. Second shot over water.

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  • Hole n°11

    La garenne

    Par 3 – Hcp 18
    White: 120m / Yellow: 120m / Blue: 95m / Red: 95m
    Short hole surrounded by bunkers. Greens slopes right to left.

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  • Hole n°12

    L’étang de passé

    Par 4 – Hcp 14
    White: 326m / Yellow: 312m / Blue: 273m / Red: 259m
    Tee off behind a lake. Right half of the fairway is always best.

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  • Hole n°13

    La roche aux fées

    Par 4 – Hcp 2
    White: 401m / Yellow: 388m / Blue: 336m / Red: 336m
    The longest par 4. Left half is best.

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  • Hole n°14

    La tour à feu

    Par 5 – Hcp 10
    White: 435m / Yellow: 411m / Blue: 383m / Red: 338m
    Small uphill par 5. Short green surrounded by trees.

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  • Hole n°15

    Le malheur de Sophie

    Par 3 – Hcp 8
    White: 175m / Yellow: 166m / Blue: 153m / Red: 153m
    A difficult par if you don't hit the green which is surrounded by bunkers and a pond which gathers a mis-hit tee shot.

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  • Hole n°16

    Le carrefour de l’étoile

    Par 5 – Hcp 12
    White: 506m / Yellow: 484m / Blue: 454m / Red: 428m
    Long par 5. green surrounded by hidden bunkers.

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  • Hole n°17

    Le coup du Roy

    Par 3 – Hcp 16
    White: 171m / Yellow: 162m / Blue: 149m / Red: 149m
    A straightforward hole from a raised tee. Greenside bunkers left and right and behind.

    See the golf hole
  • Hole n°18

    La vigne du Seigneur

    Par 4 – Hcp 15
    White: 331m / Yellow: 310m / Blue: 294m / Red: 287m
    Tee shot to middle of fariway, second shot 90° right.

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